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Quilt Sandwich - what does that even mean?

So, you’ve completed your quilt top - now what? If you’re anything like me, you prefer the piecing of the quilt top the most and it’s tempting to set it to the side and start piecing another but don’t do it, let’s get that quilt finished!

Here’s what you’re going to need:

Your finished quilt top - Pressed and starched.

Backing fabric - Measure your finished quilt top. You’ll need enough backing fabric to include an extra 3 to 4 inches on each edge. Press and starch this fabric to make sure it’s wrinkle free.

Batting - You’ll need a batting piece the same size as your backing.

Binding - Create enough binding to be sewn into place along the entire edge of the quilt plus about a foot for good measure.

Large safety pins. Try these from Amazon if you don't yet have any. I may be eligible to earn a commission if you choose this recommendation.


Step 1 - Lay your backing fabric right side down.

Step 2 - Lay batting on top of backing.

Step 3 - Lay quilt top right side up on top of batting.

This is your quilt sandwich, get it? Haha.

Step 4- Now I like to smooth it all out and pin it together well, like a little too well to keep the pieces together exactly where we want them without letting them shift.

I prefer to have a few extra inches of backing and batting on each edge but you can trim those pieces now if you’ve got more than that.

Step 5 - Pick the whole thing up and take it to your sewing machine and quilt away! Good luck!

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